School Inquiry Letter


A Letter of Inquiry is written by someone who wishes to clarify certain doubts or procedures. Inquiry letters can be of several kinds. A School Inquiry Letter is a type of inquiry letter written by guardian or parent of a child who is either studying in that school or is looking forward to the same. The letter can be written to a reliable person at the school depending upon the nature of the query. The letter may be written for several reasons, such as, for inquiry regarding admission procedures, relating to the performance of the child at school or for attendance issues.

The letter should be segmented into three little paragraphs. The introduction of the letter should mention the query in brief. The details regarding the query should be referred to in the second paragraph of the letter. The letter should be concluded by the thanking the reader for their time. Any grammatical or spelling mistakes should be avoided.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a School Inquiry Letter.


Kenny Smith

876 Cavendish Avenue,


United Kingdom



Alia Jones


Roseland International School,

21-Devonshire Street,


United Kingdom

Subject: Inquiry Regarding Admission Procedure

Dear Mrs. Alia Jones,

I am writing to you to inquire about the admission process of your reputed school, Roseland International School for my 6-year-old daughter. I wish to enroll her at your school for class 1. My daughter had initiated her kindergarten schooling from Mother’s Pride Playschool in 2015. She has completed the same now. Hence I wish to get her registered at a well-respected school.

I have heard a lot about your school and have been extremely impressed by the range of activities for the students and their development. Also, the school is well equipped with the latest advancements, thereby, providing the students with an enhanced and qualitative learning experience. My daughter, Abilene Jones, is very dedicated towards her studies. She is a quick learner and can understand concepts very easily. She can raise questions to remove her doubts without any reluctance. She is a very confident girl. Also, apart from studies, she is even more active to take part in physical activities. And since your school has numerous physical activities, such as skating, swimming, horse-riding, etc., getting her enrolled in your school shall prove to be beneficial for not only her but for the school as well.

Therefore, I, along with her father, Daniel Jones, believe that Roseland International School shall be the most appropriate institution for the overall development of our daughter. Thus, kindly update us with the admission procedure for the same.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Kenny Smith

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