School Donation Letter


Donation Letters are of several kinds but with a common aim of generating funds for a specific cause. A School Donation Letter is a type of a donation letter which is written by a regulatory body at school to prominent persons, business organizations or parents of the students studying at that school. The letter could be written for several reasons, such as construction of the school building, development of a new program or a certain activity.

The letter should be segmented into three paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should begin by stating the reason for which the letter is being written. The second paragraph of the letter should mention the important details of the activity or event for which the donation is being requested. The letter should be concluded by thanking the receiver for his or her time. Since the letter is putting forth a request, the tone of the letter should be kept polite throughout.

 Sample letter

The following is the sample of a School Donation Letter written by the principal of a school to the parents to request for funds for developing a new activity.


Sunita Gupta


A. B. P. International School,

Sector B, Pocket 8 and 9,

Vasant Kunj,


May 13, 2017


Pradeep Srinivas

A-3/11, Saket


Subject: Request for Donation for Construction of Swimming Pool

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that the staff and the management of A. B. P. International School has decided to enhance the physical fitness of the school students. Therefore, we have decided to provide the students with the interesting activity of swimming to build up their interest in sports.

The management has been observing the declining interests of the students in physical activities. This had been affecting the health of the students considerably. Keeping in view of the same, we have decided that swimming is an amazing sport and shall be extremely beneficial for improving as well as enhancing their health. The students shall be filled with delight with the introduction of this new activity at the school. Hence, the construction of a swimming pool is a definite prerequisite for the activity to be generated. Therefore, we would like to request all of you to contribute a minimal sum of Rs. 500 for the construction. Kindly, submit the amount by May 22, 2017, positively. The activity shall be made compulsory for all the students of classes 1 to 12.

Your full support and cooperation is required in the initiative to make it successful. We hope that our efforts for our students shall be encouraged by you.

Thanking you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Sunita Gupta


A. B. P. International School

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