School Admission letter

School Admission letter


The student sends letter to the principal of the school and this letter is known as the school admission letter. The letter should include all the relevant details that will help him or her, get admission to the university. Make certain that you do not make any mistake or miss out on anything because this letter plays a major role in determining your admission to the class. It is essential to submit the official documentation to the school where the applicant wishes to take the admission. This will certify that they are financially capable of covering all the expenditure of the study program including the tuition fees, medical and personal expenses.

In case the applicants are being sponsored by a family member, then the school requires a letter from the sponsor that they readily sponsor the applicant. This letter is to be sent out along with the official documents.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample of School Admission Letter.


Janice Mathews,
4229 White River Way,
Salt Lake City, UT 84106.



Garrett P. Willard,
660 Grand Bay Lane,
Salt Lake City, UT 89890

Subject: School Admission Letter.

Dear Mr. Willard,

I would like to apply for an admission of my daughter Amy Mathews for the sixth grade in your school. I have attached all the required documents along with the letter for your perusal.

Her previous schooling was the fifth grade at St Anthony’s school and as she has completed that we are now looking for an admission in your school. She is an intelligent student and has a strong grasping power. She has also participated in all the extracurricular activities in the school. By getting admission to your school, she will get an incredible opportunity to grow as well as nurture her skills and self. I am sure she will be able to grow herself,  facing all the challenges that come her way while achieving success.

She has been a bright student, and I have attached all the mark sheets of her previous schooling. Also, I am enclosing a letter from the principal of the previous school about Amy. We have moved to California recently, and this is why we have to change the school, and I know yours is the best.

I request you to please consider my daughter’s admission in your school. Let us know if any other prerequisites would be required from our end.

Thank you for your consideration, looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Janice Mathews.


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