Scholarship Request Letter, Sample & Format

Scholarship Request LetterA Scholarship Request letter is written by a student who would like to have a sponsor for his continuing studies. He writes into the Bursar or Scholarship Board of an institution of higher learning or a company to request for a scholarship in assisting him to further his studies.  He needs to provide sufficient relevant information about himself and academic performance to warrant a scholarship from the recipient.


Tom Hanks

552 Timber Lane
Sherman Oaks, CA 99904

February 12, 2011



Oakland Community College

8830 Clementi Street
Oakland, CA 94332

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Scholarship Request

I am writing to request an offer of the scholarship from your prestigious Scholarship Board. I ask that you will look into my poor financial situation and be gracious to consider my request for a scholarship so that I will be able to continue with my studies at your coveted College.

I am already in my second semester and had performed well last semester, scoring a GPA of 3.89. My aged parents have retired from work as there are six siblings in my family. I am the second sibling and hence, it is difficult for my parents to support me financial in my studies.

I hope to receive a favorable reply on my request soon as I find it hard to settle this semester’s tuition.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely

Tom Hanks

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