Scholarship Rejection Letter


A scholarship rejection letter is one wherein an institution or organization that provides a scholarship to students, rejects it, for some or the other reason. A scholarship is provided to a student by the Institute in which the student wishes to pursue his education or by any other organization that believes in giving merit students, who can’t afford education a chance to make their career. However, it is not an easy process, and one has to go through a lot of screening before actually getting the scholarship. This is done to make sure that scholarship is given to the one who deserves it.

However, when an individual fails to comply with the rules of getting a scholarship, the institute or organization writes a scholarship rejection letter to him. This letter contains the reason for the rejection of his or her appeal for scholarship and also what he should keep in mind the next time he applies for one.


Sample :

The following is the sample of scholarship cancellation letter.



Shobhana Das

The Principal,

Presidency University,




Subhranshu Mukherjee,

BBA 3rd year, Presidency University.

Presidency University.


Subject – Scholarship Rejection Letter.

Dear Subhranshu,

I am writing you this letter to inform you regarding the rejection of your scholarship application. This decision has been taken after the complete screening of your application and you and also a background check is done by our management. It turns out that you haven’t gone thoroughly through the terms and conditions of getting the scholarship.

You had applied for a scholarship for your Master’s program in Management with our university. As stated before, we currently give scholarships only to those students whose family income is less than Rs 150000 per annum. We had also mentioned that the scholarship would only be given to the merit holders, i.e., who in our opinion have excelled in their subjects or have the capacity to do better. You, however, fill neither of the categories. After background search done by our officials, we discovered that you had submitted us old documents as currently, your family’s income is Rs 250000 per annum. Also, you haven’t shown any improvement in your last course. So the committee has decided not to grant a scholarship to you.

Don’t take it to your heart as we are merely complying with the rules set by the management. If there shall be any scholarship category in which you can apply, I shall inform you. Wishing you best of luck for your future.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

Shobhana Das,


Presidency University.

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