Scholarship Reference letter

Scholarship Reference letter


A Scholarship is any financial aid that is given by an organization or institution to a student who might be in need of it depending on their academic record as well as their co-curricular activities. At the time a student is applying for a scholarship, it gives a strong impact if they have a recommendation letter from a high authority or a well-known organization.

A Scholarship Reference letter is written by the top level authority on behalf of a student who wishes to get a scholarship from a company or learning institution to ease their financial difficulties during their term of study. The referee should be able to comment on the student’s precise and true financial situation to request a scholarship consideration for the student. They must also mention the student’s academic and co-curricular record and give good reasons as to why would the student be a good candidate for consideration when awarding the scholarship.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Scholarship Reference letter


Rev. Demetrius Jonas

Good Shepherd Church
1175 Bagwell Avenue
Orlando, FL 32810

26 January 2016


The Scholarship Committee

Rhinestone Corporation

90392 McDoodle Street

Orlando, FL 93820

Dear Sir,

Subject: Scholarship Reference

I, Reverend Demetrius Jonas, Senior pastor of Good Shepherd Church, would like to make a reference on Mr. Greg Mayor’s financial situation and request you to consider him as a worthy candidate for your Scholarship program.

Mr. Greg Mayor has been a faithful parishioner at Good Shepherd Church since his boyhood days. He is the eldest of 5 siblings with a single mother working as a receptionist to support the family, aged between 5 and18 years old. She works hard to give a good life to her children, but now when Mr. Mayor wants to pursue further studies, it is hard for her to make ends meet. Thus, Mr. Greg Mayor would really appreciate any financial aid that your prestigious institute could provide to him.

Mr. Mayor is a hardworking young man who is diligent in his studies. He helps his mother and takes care of the family while she is out for work and he often takes up a couple of part-time jobs during the weekends. Nevertheless, Mr. Mayor finds time to be involved in the charitable works organized by Good Shepherd Church as well

I am pleased to recommend Mr. Greg Mayor for a scholarship to further his studies from your esteemed organization.

God bless you on your kind consideration on Mr. Greg Mayor’s scholarship application.


Yours Sincerely

Rev. Demetrius Jonas

Good Shepherd Church


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