Scholarship Recommendation Letter


A scholarship recommendation letter is written by a senior person or a known person to a university or an institute for recommending a candidate to be considered for a scholarship. Many times, a student may wish to apply for a course in a certain university or institute. At such times, a scholarship is of immense importance as it shows the caliber and aptitude of the candidate. A scholarship recommendation letter helps the prospective university to analyze the candidate and know about his/ her strengths and weaknesses.

Writing a scholarship recommendation letter is a responsible task as it may a deciding factor for the future of a person or student. Since it is a formal type of letter, it has to be short and precise, You have to mention the reason as to why does the candidate deserve the scholarship. Along with that, you must also highlight the various qualities and attributes of the candidate.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a scholarship recommendation letter.



Mr. Sam Jones,

Birdhill View,

Mumbai 411008.

5 March 2015


The Admission Office,

Warwick University,

Srinagar, 911005

Subject: Recommendation letter for a scholarship

Dear Sir/ Madam,

It is an honor for me to write this letter. I am writing this letter for recommending Ms. Joanna Smith, to be considered for your scholarship program. It has been her dream since childhood to be a part of your institute and she has taken all the required efforts to reach this stage, She is one of the most deserving people for this scholarship and I am quite sure that she will make proper use of it and work to her full potential. She is an extremely dedicated and passionate individual. Her consideration for details is one of her amazing qualities. She possesses all the talents and abilities required for the course.

I have been Joanna’s teacher for the past 5years, and I have seen her progress quite closely. She has developed drastically as a professional in her field of choice and her progress is beyond imaginable. Her dedication and enthusiasm are worth noting. I think this scholarship will be very helpful to her and bring her closer to achieving her ambitions. If given a chance she will surely prove herself and leave no stone unturned to meet up with your expectations. Hence, I highly recommend her.

I hope that you consider my recommendation. For any further queries or doubts, you can contact me on or 7899345221.

Kind Regards.

Yours Sincerely,

Sam Jones.

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