Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

Scholarship letter of Recommendation


A scholarship letter of recommendation is very crucial to any student who is seeking financial assistance to support his tuition. A scholarship letter of recommendation is preferably written by someone of high standing or good reputation who knows the candidate’s academic and financial background well to make a good recommendation. A scholarship award is a very serious matter and hence it is best that you have a recommendation from a person of authority who can vouch for your credibility and convinces the receiver that you do need it.

It is written to the person responsible for awarding scholarships. Make sure that while writing you do not make any mistake. You can give tour contact details so that the receiver can contact you anytime. You can also suggest that the student concerned will give the receiver required documents to verify his/ her claim if they want it.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Scholarship Letter of Recommendation.


Peter Parker,

Senior Coach,

Toronto University,

11436, Merlin Street,
Toronto, Ontario 9898

August 3, 2010


University Scholarship Committee,

Toronto University,

11436, Merlin Street,
Toronto, Ontario 9898

Subject: Scholarship Recommendation

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to bring your attention to one of Toronto University’s senior student, Mr. Jake Andrews, who is in the Social Arts program.

Mr. Andrews is an excellent footballer who has shown remarkable progress in his game in the last three semesters. His discipline in the game plus his outstanding football skills has contributed to the few wins which the university has enjoyed for the past seasons. He is the captain of the football team of the University. He is a good leader and a team player. I have seen him motivating his team members and encouraging everyone to do their best.

As such, I strongly recommend Mr. Andrews for a scholarship by our university to motivate him in a further contribution to the game of football, given some major leagues coming into the next season. This will brighten the future chances of Mr. Andrews to take up football as his career. This young fellow is passionate about the game and had also played in his high school’s football team.

I have attached the certificates of the victories that he has given us. Also, I have attached articles being written about him in the local newspaper. I believe Mr. Andrews is a key player and an asset to the university in the sports arena. I hope your response will be favorable.

Thanking You.

Respectfully Yours,

Coach Parker

Senior Coach

Toronto University


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