Scholarship Consideration Letter


A scholarship is a grant of fee waiver given by the educational institution itself or any other institution or organization. The scholarship may be given by merit or in some cases, based on family income of the student. In case the scholarship is given by merit, it is based on past performance and the basis of the exam conducted by the educational institute. On the other hand, if the scholarship is given on the bases of family income, the taxable income of all the family members who are earning put together should be less than the amount specified by the educational institute.

The one thing common in both the types of scholarships is that the student who gets the scholarship has to maintain a high standard of academic performance throughout all the semesters or risk loosing the scholarship. A scholarship consideration letter is a letter written by the institute granting the scholarship to the student who has applied for the scholarship. It is an acknowledgment letter to inform the students who have applied for the scholarship that their letter for grant of scholarship has been received and they are being reviewed for the scholarship.

Sample Letter:

The following letter is a sample of a Scholarship Consideration Letter.



Thomas K Peters

Head of Department of Mathematics,

X Y Z College,






Edward A Cullen,

P Q R Lane,



Subject: Scholarship Consideration Letter

We, at  X Y Z College, have received your scholarship application for a Bachelor in Mathematics program for the academic year YYYY-YYYY. Our college is one of the leading colleges for undergraduate studies, and our Maths program is one of the most highly applied for undergraduate programs among all the undergraduate courses offered by our College.

We would also like to remind you that if your application for the scholarship, whether partial or otherwise, is accepted and your scholarship granted, you will have to stay at the hostel on the college campus, for which we would suggest you apply as soon as the scholarship results are declared as it gets filled fast. You are also reminded that the scholarship can be rescinded in case you are found guilty of ragging or any other such offense which can result in rustication.

The results of the meritorious students and the amount of scholarship that will be granted will be declared on or after DD/MM/YYYY. You can check the status of your application on the official college website after logging in with your phone number and application form details.


Thomas K Peters

Head of Department of Mathematics,

X Y Z College

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