Scholarship Congratulation Letter


A scholarship congratulation letter is a letter written to congratulate the receiver on getting a scholarship for his/ her studies in school or in college. It can be a formal or informal letter depending upon who is writing the letter. Since this is quite a moment to celebrate make sure that you sound convincing and your feelings of proud and happiness are conveyed through the words chosen by you. Make sure you appreciate the hard work done by the receiver.

A scholarship is given to a student for his/ her studies if he/ she has an exceptional record with respect to studies or any other curricular activity. This is a moment of immense joy and pride for the scholarship recipient. You can share your feelings regarding this feat and congratulate. You can give your best wishes for the future and offer your help in this new venture of theirs. Be positive and tell them how proud you are of them.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter of the same.


Rhett Butler

243/1, Peachtree Street


4 April 2017


Damon Salvatore,

Salvatore Boarding House,

Mystic Falls.

Subject: Congratulations

Dear Damon,

I remember when you were barely 10 years old and I had asked you which college you wanted to study and you said, Harvard. You had not only shocked me but also your parents. And now look at you going to Harvard that also on scholarship! I guess congratulations are in order. Your aunt and I are very proud of you, son. You are the first kid and our entire family generation to be able to bag a scholarship and all of this couldn’t have happened if you hadn’t regularly burned the midnight oil. After all, hard work does pay off.

I wanted to give a present when I returned but I could hardly wait. So, along with this letter, you will see a gold watch with your name engraved on it along with your birthdate. Hope it is to your liking or we could always exchange it for whatever else you would prefer. Wade is also very proud of his elder brother and he looks up to you and hopes to be like someday. Your school teachers must be also very proud of you.

I hope you have packed everything for your new life ahead of you. This is going to be an interesting turn for the better but never take anything for granted and bear every loss or win with the same emotion. Stay strong and stay focused as these years will shape your future. May god bless you and give you courage. If any trouble don’t hesitate to ask for help. Stay in touch. Take care.

Your Loving Uncle,

Rhett Butler

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