Scholarship Award Letter


A Scholarship Award letter contains good news of the candidate’s favorable status in being awarded a scholarship which was applied for earlier. This letter is usually written by the Award Committee informing the candidate of the good news. Details of the scholarship are stated for the candidate’s information. This is a formal letter, and it is also a letter containing a lot of heartfelt sentiment as it can make the recipient immensely happy.

Hence keep in mind that it is better to structure a Scholarship Award letter into three parts, comprising of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. You can start the letter by congratulating the recipient on being awarded such a prestigious scholarship. This will constitute the introduction of your letter. Go on to list the reasons why the student has been awarded the scholarship. If required, mention the terms and conditions on which it was awarded as well.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of a scholarship award letter.


Laura M. Gardner,

Scholarship Committee Secretary,

Los Angeles University,

4009 Norman Street,

Los Angeles, CA 90014.



Vanda M. Orta,

Student Id: LAS 20189302,

Law Program – Sophomore,

4471 Wayback Lane,

Long Island City, NY 11101.

Subject: Scholarship Award.

Dear Ms. Orta,


After much deliberation, the Scholarship Committee has confirmed you as one of its successful scholarship award recipients for the coming semester of study, MM/YYYY. The Scholarship  Committee scrutinized over 5000 applications for its YYYY fall scholarship recipients, and we are pleased to inform you of your success at having received this coveted scholarship at Los Angeles University.

Your scholarship award includes a full tuition fee waiver for the YYYY fall program with books and subsidiary fees assistance. You may proceed to the Registrar for the scholarship award enforcement upon receipt of this letter. What impressed the Committee most was your research proposal, as well as your previous commitments. The committee was also pleased to hear that you have even authored a book in the past.

We trust that you will prove yourself a worthy recipient of this scholarship award through exemplary performance during your studies here. You are requested to present yourself at the University office here for getting further details on your scholarship. The list of important documents that you need to carry along with you is indicated fully in the following pages. Please go through it carefully.

Again, congratulations on your successful application for the scholarship.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Laura M. Gardner

Scholarship Committee Secretary



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