Scholarship Appreciation Letter


A scholarship appreciation letter is a letter written to appreciate the student who has received a scholarship which was long due to him. It is a proud moment for the student as well as his/ her parents as his/ her efforts are finally recognised. It is a formal letter written by authorities to inform the student of the decision to award him/ her of the scholarship. A scholarship is usually given to students who are meritorious but cannot afford the costly education fee.

Appreciate the student’s work and tell him/ her the reason so as to why he/ she is awarded a scholarship. Be sure to acknowledge the effort put in by the student to deserve the scholarship. Be warm and make sure you come across as genuine. Give the student your best wishes and encourage them to perform in the same way so that they can make the school or college proud.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter of Scholarship Appreciation Letter .


Rhett Butler,

Dean, SAJ University,

Atlanta 4 April 2017

4 April 2017


Damon Salvatore,

Salvatore Boarding House,

Mystic Falls.

Subject: Scholarship Appreciation

Dear Damon,

It is with great pleasure that I announce that you have been given a full scholarship for the remaining 3 years of education at SAJ University for your ongoing degree of Bachelor of Technology. We shortlisted you from an exhaustive list of fifty students and are very confident in our choice. You have topped the merit list in last 2 semesters and have made massive contributions to the monthly magazine of the university. You have also peaked student’s interest in the Math club of the university and this year we noticed maximum participation in the Math Olympiad. This all happened under your leadership as the President of Math club.

You have not only made your parents proud but everyone at the university is proud of your achievements. We are aware of the financial constraints of your family and this scholarship will allow you to focus on your studies. Your hard work will help you in paving your future and making a great career.

On the behalf of the faculties, I offer you heartiest congratulations and hope that you continue your efforts and make us all proud of your achievements. Attached herewith is your scholarship letter along with the details which you will have to submit to the accounts department so that they can know of the change. I pray that you keep performing and keep excelling in your life.

Best of Luck!

Yours Sincerely,

Rhett Butler.

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