Scholarship Application Letter

Scholarship Application Letter


A scholarship is an award of financial aid for students who deserve, helping them to pursue higher studies. The basic criteria of education may be termed under the factors like interest, hard work, and merit but, often practical necessities like finance often needs to be catered to fulfill one’s wishes. This is where the main idea of scholarship lies. An individual organization awards them to students judging them in various fields for which they are being awarded through some tests. Scholarships may be for academics, sports or any other fields.

Scholarship application letters should clearly specify the merits of the applicant so that he stands out to b a deserving one. The letter should clearly distinguish the person to be sincere and hardworking to win the trust of the organization granting the award. Scholarship application letters help students to overcome their financial problem and achieve their goals, which are like a boon to the hardworking lot.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Scholarship Application Letter.

Andrea Jones,
119 Walter Road,
Wedgwood, TX 76133.


Scholarship Committee,
New York State University,
New York City, NY 98745.

Subject: Scholarship Application.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Andrea Jones – a student of the New York State University, am writing this letter as an application for the 2017 Scholarship program that the University will be holding. I am currently a second-year student in the Business Management degree program. I have a GPA of 8.25 out of 10 and also a member of the girls’ gymnasium team which competes in the inter-college tournament every year.

Due to my father’s cerebral stroke, our family has been destabilized, both emotionally and financially. His hospitalization and physiotherapy charges have taken up all of the family savings. My mother has arthritis and can’t do much work, thus being the first born, and an adult member of the household the duties naturally falls on my shoulder to help my mother and my father – mentally and financially. I am currently on a part-time job to finance my studies, but it seems it will not suffice to cover the tuition fees here. Hence, with this letter, I wish to make an appeal for a scholarship so that I can continue with my studies and improve the financial condition.

Attached to this letter, is a copy of my results so far and my high school results to confirm my sincerity and for your perusal. If the need arises, I can be contacted anytime at ********** by phone. In anticipation of your reply.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Andrea Jones,
Student No: NYU 948300222.

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