Scholarship Appeal Letter


A scholarship appeal letter is a letter written to appeal for a scholarship by a student at school level or college level.  It is a formal letter which is written to the authorities who have the authority to grant scholarships to students who they think are deserving. When writing this type of letter make sure you are polite, humble and to the point. Be sure to back up with facts or recommendations from a reliable source. Start with giving your introduction.

Scholarship is a monetary benefits given to student based on their meritorious performance or if they belong to economically weaker section. Sometimes, you may have to appeal to the authorities to give you a scholarship. If your parents are not able to afford your education, make sure you attach the proof of your parent’s income. If your grades and academic performance is outstanding make sure to attach your marks sheet.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter of Scholarship Appeal Letter.


Rhett Butler,

243/1, Peachtree Street,


4 April 2017


Damon Salvatore,

Head of Academic Affairs,

Virginia State University,


Subject: Appeal for scholarship

Respected Sir,

I am Rhett Butler, studying Bachelor of Arts with History as a major. I am currently in my second semester. I would like to appeal to you to grant me a scholarship. My father has a small business of furniture and makes a very small amount. My mother is a homemaker. Last semester, he barely managed to pay my fee. He applied for a loan but his plea was rejected as his income was less than the bare minimum. I have attached a copy of the same along with the proof of my father’s income.

You can see from my school records that I have been an exceptional student. My grade never dropped below B. Last semester, my SGPA was 9. I have attached the Xerox copies of my marks sheets up till now. I have also a number of certificates for winning essay writing competitions and quiz at national level. You will find the Xerox of the same attached with the letter. You can contact with my college faculties and they will tell you about me. The following are the contact details of my school teachers who can verify my claim:

Mr. Matt Donavan-, 0929019209

Mr. Alaric Saltzman-, 287878178

I hope you will look into the matter and ease the burden on my father for paying the college fees. I hope I am able to clear the benchmark set by the college to be able avail the scholarship. I shall be highly grateful to you if you give me a positive answer and I will make sure to never let you down.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Rhett Butler.

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