Santa Clause Christmas letter

Santa Clause Christmas letter


A Santa Clause Christmas letter is supposedly written by Mr Santa who probably is one of the parents writing the letter to the kid. The letter would probably be granting the wishes of the children or asking for the gifts as usual. This letter is written to allow a child to continue believing in Santa and be motivated to behave well throughout the year.

You may or warn the kid about their ill behavior in past for them to keep behaving nicely and remember not to take it too far or the kid might start disliking or hating the Santa. Hence, a small warning is good to remind them of the naughty list for Santa and that Santa takes it seriously. Down below is an example of the letter to help you get an idea of the same. The letter is informal since being written to a kid. So keep it short, cute and end it with wishing them Merry Christmas.


Santa Clause Christmas Letter:

Santa’s land,


979 Coburn Hollow Road
Pekin, IL 61554

Dear Donna B. Elin

Re: Happy Christmas!

Thank you for your letter dated DD/MM/YYYY.

Yes, dear, I shall definitely be dropping by your home tomorrow. I shall not forget Coburn Hollow Road at Pekin. It is one of my favourite places and you are definitely one of my favorite kids there even if you were not nice to your mom the other day before leaving for school but I see you have a big and a kind heart for all the people and are always willing to help the ones in need. Your city is full of well behaved and kind hearted children just like you, my dear.

Indeed, I shall look forward to this quaint little town; ho, ho, ho!

I have noted your Christmas gift. I do not think it is too much to ask for. Ah, we shall see what we have for you as are you a great helper to many I noticed, and you must be rewarded for the same. But you, young lady, must have a good rest and enjoy your Christmas day. You would never know what surprise is in stored for you. And if you are not well rested tonight, Santa will not drop by.

With my best wishes and lots of love. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas.

Your loving,
Santa Clause

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