Santa Christmas letter, Sample & Format

Santa Christmas letterA Santa Christmas letter is usually written by a little child who believes in Santa Claus and wishes to get some gifts from Santa by writing him a letter of request. The letter may give a good ‘report’ to Santa to convince him that the sender deserves presents as per the heart’s desire.


Andrew S. Bailey

1712 New York Avenue
City Of Commerce, CA 90040

December 20, 2010


Mr. Santa Sir

Somewhere in the North Pole

Dear Mr. Santa Sir,

My mommy says it is polite to call someone you respect ‘Sir.’ I want you to know that I have been good this year. I would like to have a dark blue two wheel bicycle. I have been training hard to ride without the training wheels.

Daddy says I am getting good, though I do fall sometimes. I scratched my left knee last week, but I did not cry. Mommy says I am brave. I want to ride by myself, without Daddy to hold on to me. He is busy, you know.

I will share my bicycle with my younger brother when he grows up to be strong like me. He is only 3.

Thank you for reading my letter. Drive safely when you go around giving your presents. It is too late for me to stay up to meet you.

God bless you, Santa Sir.


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