Santa Christmas letter

Santa Christmas letter


All over the world, children write letters to the Santa Claus, asking him for the Christmas gift. A Santa Christmas letter is usually written by a little child who believes in Santa Claus and wishes to get some gifts from Santa by writing him a letter of request. The letter may give a good ‘report’ to Santa to convince him that the sender deserves presents as per the heart’s desire. It is always wise to include some details about yourself like your name, age, etc. in the letter. Tell Santa that you have been a good boy or good girl this year. Give an example of how good you were, such as “I helped my little brother decorate the Christmas tree.”

If you have not sent a thank you letter for the gifts you got last Christmas, do not forget to thank him for this time. Thank the Santa for the gifts he sent you last Christmas. You can include words like Thank you Santa for the wonderful gifts or Thank you Santa for sending over the toys I wanted since long. Make sure you do not complain about anything but thank him for whatever he has done for you.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of a Santa Christmas Letter.


Andrew S. Bailey,
1712 New York Avenue,
City Of Commerce, CA 90040



Mr. Santa Sir,
Somewhere in the North Pole

Subject: Christmas Wishlist.

Dear Mr. Santa Sir,

My mommy says it is polite to call someone like you respect ‘Sir.’ I want you to know that I have been good this year. I would like to have a dark blue two wheel bicycle. I have been training hard to ride without the training wheels.

Daddy says I am getting good, though I do fall sometimes. I scratched my left knee last week, but I did not cry. Mommy says I am brave. I want to ride by myself, without Daddy to hold on to me. He is busy, you know.

I am going to spend Christmas with my Mommy, Daddy, Granny, Grandpa, Aunt Kim and Uncle George. This time Aunt Kaira and Uncle Steve with little Alex won’t be able to join. Please send Christmas greetings to them and a gift to little Alex on my behalf.

I will leave some milk and cookies for you and some carrots for your reindeer.

I will share my bicycle with my younger brother when he grows up to be strong like me.

Please don’t forget my friends, Harry and Ron; they love you too dear Santa.

Thank you for reading my letter. Drive safely when you go around giving your presents. It is too late for me to stay up to meet you.

God bless you, Santa Sir.



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