Sample Sales Job Cover Letter


A letter written to a prospective employer in which a person speaks about his/ her skills and work experiences is called a cover letter, that is, he/ she tries to convince the receiver that he/ she is fit for the job in question by mentioning his/ her skills in a persuasive and sincere manner. A Sales Job Cover Letter, as indicated by the name is a cover letter that is written to someone to be hired for a sales job. It focuses on the skills that are relevant to the particular sales job that you are applying for.

Since you are applying for a sales job, it is vital that you present yourself well in the cover letter as it shows how well you would sell the company and its products or ideas in case you are hired. The best way to do this is to include all relevant information in the letter such as past achievements, work experience, and skill and at the same management to keep it short and simple. Check out the sample letter to get an idea of how to write one.


Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for  Sample Sales Job Cover Letter.


Tony A. Williams

1309 Orphan Street
Superior, WI 54880

TX 75601, Texas



Jasper H. Statham

The Personnel Manager

Hour Glass Productions

23 Raven Street

New York

Subject: Sales Job Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Statham,

I, Tony Williams, am writing this letter to you concerning the new sales job available at your company, Hour Glass Productions. I came to know of the vacancy through a friend of mine. Once I came to know of the job description, I realized that it was the perfect opportunity for me.

I assure you that I am ideal for this job. Before shifting from Boston to New York last month due to personal reasons, I had been working as the Sales Manager at The Spectre Foundation, Boston for three years. It was a successful period in my career that taught me how to stand out and do an excellent job. Also, I hold a Bachelors as well as Masters in Business Management.

Apart from my work experience, I am fairly confident that I have the skills crucial for this job. I possess good leadership skills, problem-solving ability and also, I have a flair for introducing practical yet unique ideas to the workplace. I am dedicated, hard-working and responsible. Also, I am a team player.

If hired, I promise you that I will work to the best of my abilities to make Hour Glass Productions proud. Please find attached my resume, a recommendation letter from my previous job as well as all other relevant documents. Kindly do consider my application for the same.

Yours Sincerely,

Tony A. Williams

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