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A cover letter in its literal terms is sent with another document, and the aim of this cover letter is to explain the content or the text written in the document. This is an extremely important document and hence should be written as carefully as possible. Since the cover letter under consideration is for a resume make sure that the most important points in your resume are explained at length.

For, eg, if you have mentioned a role at a previous firm, extent on the duration of time spent at the firm, how you contributed to the firm and what all it is that you learned from working there. Link these points to how you can contribute to the company you are currently applying to. For more insight on how to write a cover letter, follow to the sample letter given below to write your version!



UC company

Udyog Vihar




Heritage City

Phase II


Respected Ma’am

I am a first-year student at Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University pursuing Bachelor of Arts. I am currently looking for an internship as an RAK Analyst at KPMG. The concept of working in a team appeals to me and hence I would like to be a part of yours.

I have been working for the Research and Development department of Enactus- the Social Entrepreneurship Club. I have worked on different business models to assess their feasibility to eradicate poverty from rural India.

Our flight project- ‘Ahsaas,’ aims to uplift the female community by working with them to produce new bags from donated denim. We have successfully increased their income by 20%

As the General Secretary of my Department of the college, I have been able to develop great leadership qualities. I led a team of 15 to plan and monitor every aspect of the annual fest. This involved monitoring a three-day fest and tending to the demands of the college fest such as coordinating the speakers and arranging rewards for the winners.

I also have experience in working as an HR intern at UC Company and therefore am acquainted with the different roles in an organization and the work that is expected out of them.

As a journalism student, I wish to use my knowledge to the maximum extent possible so that I can serve as a valuable asset to your company and contribute to its growth.

I Thank you for considering my application for this role.

Shaj Singh


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