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A cover letter is an additional document which is typically attached to your curriculum vitae. Most organizations ask for it separately, even if they do not need it is advised that you attach the cover letter as it authenticates your resume more and provides the employers with more insight about you.

The purpose of this cover letter is to explain further on your resume. It includes information about your skills and strengths, about your past job experiences. It also contains information about the position you are applying for and why you, in particular, would be a good fit for this role. Make your cover letter as unique as possible as companies are looking for unique qualities and experiences that only you can offer in comparison to all the other applicants. Since this is a cover letter for a manager, mention all your learnings from past roles.



UC Company

8 building

Cyber City

Gurgaon -1232435



Rakesh Singh

Akashni Marg




Subject: Cover Letter

To whom so ever it may concern

Respected Ma’am/ Sir

I am currently working as an associate human resource employee at YE company. YE is a service oriented company that mainly concentrates on wedding photography, car services, and hotel bookings. I have worked at YE as an employee for the past three years, and I feel like I have learned ample from an established firm like YE.

In my time as an HR associate, I updated the company’s policies from time to time. When the court’s verdict about maternity leave was announced, I drafted the maternity leave policy from scratch, and it is what is currently applicable at YE. I was also one of the core members to introduce YE’s on boarding program- ‘YEs’ which has shown a 20% increase in employee retention in the first year itself. From my learnings, I will prioritize the studying of service oriented start ups to ensure the best employee outcome through the making of UC’s employee code of conduct as mentioned in the Job Description.

Given my experience and contribution to YE, I feel like I am adequately equipped to extend my expertise to a growing start up such as yours. I would like to contribute from the ground level, and given UC’s trajectory right now, I feel like it will only be an upward sloping graph.

Allow me to contribute to your company; I am sure I will learn a lot under your guidance.

Thank you

Rakesh Singh


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