Sample Congratulations Letter On Publishing A Book


For any writer, publishing a book is a big milestone in their life. It is a proof of their hard work and passion; all materialized in the form of a book for the world to read. It is every artist’s dream for their work to be out there in the open to be seen, read, watched, etc. by the masses.

So when a writer publishes his or her first book, a congratulatory message is in order. This can be done in a very exquisite way, where you can send a long congratulatory message in the form of a letter with a bouquet to go. These letters allow you to be as informal as you like as you wish the writer the very best for his or her latest venture. Add a supporting message in there about how you trust them and their work. Refer to the sample letter given below-



Ras Vira

Flat 17





Mini Singh

Flat 183, Tower 6



Subject: Congratulations on your new book!

Dearest Ras,

Months of hard work and brainstorming have finally materialized in the form of your book. I must say, I feel honoured to have received a copy before the launch. The book is truly something my friend.

The love story between the leads is so touching. It inspires us and gives the readers hope all at the same time! I feel strongly about the message your book is trying to convey- despite whatever hurdles life throws your way, you will always emerge not only victorious but happy as well. I feel like this is a message that needs to be sent out to todays generation.

I also received your invitation for the book launch at the Indian Habitat Center at the end of this month. Thank you, Rakesh and I will surely be there. Oh, we’ll also be looking forward to collecting a signed copy of the book!

But on a serious note, I always knew you had it in you. I have known you since our college days, and your articulation and style in writing were always the best in class. We knew if there was anybody who would end up writing a book it would be you.

Anyway, I would like to wish you the best of luck on the launch of your very first book! I know it will be a huge success and make it to the best sellers list in no time. We are all so very proud of you.

Lots of Love


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