Sales Thank you letter


A ‘Sales thank you letter’ is written by a company that appreciates the loyal patronage of its customers or clients that it writes to thank them for their strong support. This is an important letter which a company should give at least once a year to acknowledge the importance of the customers. The letter should ideally be written in a formal manner but should, however, contain a distinct, informal tone. The letter should also acknowledge that the customers have been an important part in the growth of the company.

Structure the letter into three paragraphs, namely an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. The introduction of the letter should contain details on why you are writing the letter. In the main body of the letter, praise the customer and explain to them that they have been crucial for the company. In the conclusion of the letter, offer the customer a token of appreciation such as a special discount or a voucher which can be availed as and when needed.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a ‘sales thank you’ letter


Sales & Service Department,

Solid Time Technology & Products,

678 Hope Street,
Portland, OR 97214.


11 January 2017


Dave E. Melendez,

28 Faith Avenue,
Portland, OR 70322.

Subject: Thank you for your patronage

Dear Sir

We, at ‘Solid Time Technology & Products’ love you!

We are pleased to note that you have been a loyal patronage of Solid Time Technology & Products since 2008. We are truly honoured that you have chosen us as your trusted partner for any kind of technology products and you have been crucial to our growth in the past ten years.

As you might already be aware of, we started out a reasonably small start-up with just 10 people. However, we have grown, over the past several years into a huge enterprise, comprising of 400 staff officials, 6 outlets, and catering to nearly one lakh customers.

The management would like to record a note of thanks for your kind patronage over these years. We are pleased that our products and services are appreciated by you, as we are of your strong support to us. As part of our thank you gesture, we would like you to enjoy further discounts from Solid Time Technology & Products on your next purchase.Please find the discount vouchers enclosed for your fine shopping experience.

Thank you again for your strong support, and we look forward to a better year together.

Yours Sincerely

Solid Time Technology & Products

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