Sales Proposal letter


A Sales Proposal letter can be written by a sales employee who sees the potential in some service or product for the company to consider in an attempt to enhance the sales performance of the company. Whenever a company plans to introduce a new product in the market, it has to first take into consideration the needs of the customer as the customer is the king. Once they know what the customer wants and develop a product according to their needs, next important step is to market it. Without marketing, no product can survive in the market.

A sales employee does a thorough market research and then finds out various ways to make the product known to its customers so that it can be easily sold in the market. He writes his ideas and techniques proposing various ways in which sales can be increased and suggests the same to the management. It is known as sales proposal letter.


Sample Letter

The following is the sample of Salary Request Letter.


Demetrius J. Nichols,
Research Analyst,
Rochelle Footwear Corporation

27 January 2017


Duke Evans,
Sales Director,
Rochelle Footwear Corporation

Dear Sir,

Subject: Sales Proposal

After a year of research in our laboratory on the types of footwear that would be suitable or ideal for young children below 10 years of age, I am pleased to propose a new type of footwear for the company’s sales consideration. I came up with the techniques after having a thorough interactive session with the kids and parents too, to understand what they would prefer.

Please refer to the attached detailed proposal for the design and manufacturing of the proposed new footwear. I believe this new design will revolutionize the footwear industry. Consumers will be satisfied with the comfort and the design of the proposed new footwear as everyone wants something trendy and comfortable and both of these things come in handy with our new footwear.

The materials for the new design are easily available at a low cost as they can be obtained locally. This has been done so that everyone can afford the shoes. This will in turn help in completing the company’s corporate social responsibility. The company will enjoy prestige and profits. I look forward to a discussion with you and Customer service to further deliberate on this new footwear design. Revert to inform me regarding the same as soon as possible as I want us to be the first one to launch this product.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Demetrius J. Nichols

Research Analyst

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