Sales Pitch Letter


The sales pitch is a selling technique which attempts to convince someone to buy the product or hire the service. This is a sales presentation made for a product or service, by the company that has to launch it in the market, to create a buzz about the product by creating awareness about its launch. It is designed to initiate the sale of the product. Letters are essential to carry out conversations in the business world. This type of letter does the talking and makes the receiver aware of everything that the company has to offer. The sales pitch letters are used to get business deals, introduce new products, crack deals, or just establish a market share.

First being carefully drafting it, so as to attract the reader in one go. The receiver should be tempted to try if not buy the product. Make sure that your focus lies in highlighting features of the product or service rather than your company. Make it brief and short but do not leave any scope for guess work. Provide all the relevant details like the special features, price, offers, clauses, etc. The letter shouldn’t carry any hidden clauses, if there are any terms and conditions, you have to tell the receiver. It enhances a company’s sale and helps to promote the brand name.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Sales Pitch Letter.


K M Mittal,


Techno Computers,

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh,




R K John,

Azuz Enterprises Ltd.,


Karnataka, India

Subject: Launch of new computers

Dear Mr. John,

Are you satisfied with the performance of your computers? Are you getting top notch satisfaction with your computers? If not then, we at Techno Computers Limited are ready to give you a permanent solution to these problems. We are glad to introduce our new, revolutionary and exclusive product to you. We have been working on this product for three years with approvals from scientists and researchers all over the world. The product we are talking about is not just a laptop but, a device that will change the way people see laptops. It is a convertible computer with eight new features which are still not available elsewhere.

We are in this business for the past 12 years and have an excellent repute in the market. We very well have mastered the art of realizing the need for the day and providing the customers with what they want. The laptops we have introduced have all the latest features, latest techniques and are so user-friendly that a non-tech-savvy can also use them with ease, the bonus for the customers is, of course, its introductory, attractive prices.

We have a huge chain of happy customers. We are proud to introduce our new laptop MS 500 to you. We are providing an offer of 25% discount for our first five customers. Since we value our customers, we give them more benefits to them. To know more about the perks, kindly,  log on to our website Feel free to contact us for any queries.

Yours truly,

K M Mittal,

General Manager,

Techno Computers.

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