Sales Letter


A sales letter is a letter that is sent to a reader so as to persuade him to purchase a particular product. This kind of letter could be sent to any of the customers who is a potential one. The sender of the product identifies such customers and sends letters to them. In sales letter, the sender must have the capability to persuade the customer to buy a product. The ultimate aim of a sales letter from the point of view of a sender is to make the customer buy the product.

In sales letter, make sure that you communicate all the details well in order to avoid any kind of communication gap between sender and receiver. By sending sales letter to the customer the company can earn profits in this manner. Since the letter is being sent individually to every customer so there are high chances that you will have increased profit. This, in turn, would benefit your business also. This letter must be written properly because this would create an impression of your company in front of the whole world.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of a Sales Letter.


3D, Block-56,

Shiv Apartment,

JK Street,


Date- 26th April  2016


35D, Bock-A,

MK Technologies, Ltd.


Subject- Sales Letter

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

This to inform you that our company JK Technologies has introduced the latest version of its software. The latest version is much different from all the previous versions with new added features. This software has already been launched yesterday and we would like you to purchase it and let us know about its service.  Any kind of feedback would be much appreciated as it would help us better our software.

This software has been designed for all of its customers and we would be highly obliged if you can make a purchase. This, in turn, would benefit your system as it would be having all the latest updates. This software would also make your system run faster and has the capability of updating itself automatically. This software also has the feature of speech recognition where you can make the system do your work through speeches. Since we received a positive response from our previous software version, therefore we have developed this new version that has the additional features.

Our customer response and appreciation have motivated us to work for you all. Hence we request you to kindly have a look at our latest version of the software. The software would really be helpful for all the budding developers. Any kind of program executed on this software would run at a very fast speed. I would request all our customers to kindly purchase this software and share this message with your colleagues so that they can also buy this software. The brochure has been attached with the letter.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,


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