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The whole purpose of a sales letter is to promote a newly developed or already existing product by the company. A Sales Letter is meant to be specific, often tailored according to the needs and demands of the particular client you are dealing with. In essence, you customize the product in the letter in such a way, that the customer feels that this is the best product available in the market and is exactly what they need to benefit from.

These letters are also supposed to be incredibly detailed, and they are meant to include all relevant information about the product. Ranging from generic details such as the category it belongs to, all the way to the specifications which highlight why the product is better than existing products in the market. Make sure to end the letter in such a way that you automatically facilitate a business deal by the end of the letter.

Sample Letter:


CYS Company

Lodhi Road






X Products

Kings Road



Subject: Sales Promotion Letter

Respected Ma’am,

CYS company is proud to announce the launch of its latest software- Ameliorate, the 6th edition of its internationally recognized data and analytics configuration software.

According to SoftTech Magazine, Ameliorate, which has been operating in the market for six months now has been rated as the best software for analysis of large amounts of data. So far we have made sales to big firms worldwide, including the renowned big four as well – Ernst & Young, Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC. Based on their feedback, Ameliorate is the fastest software available for their data configuration. It’s inbuilt features such as tax calculation, and related Debt Advisory news has cut down on employee research by 12% making it the most preferred choice.

Which is why CYS is happy to branch out and provide you with our latest innovation. CYS and X products have worked together in the past as well. The last software we sold to you- UU helped X products made a turnover of INR 100 crore. Our partnership is nothing less than profitable.

We hope to extend another software your way at a discounted rate of INR 10 lakh only. We will also be sending technicians from our end to help install the software and conduct a week-long orientation with your staff briefing them about the functions and advantages of Ameliorate.

We would be sending our sales executive, Mr. Rakesh Sarna to your office on the DD/MM, 3 pm. We can then conduct follow-up meetings at your convenience. Kindly feel free to reach out to us on the number mentioned below. We look forward to years of more profitable business with you.

Thank you

Kamath J

Sales Director


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