Sales Introduction Letter

Sales Introduction Letter


A Sales Introduction letter is a letter written to introduce a new product or service by a company to an individual or another company, to create awareness of the new product offering or service of the company. As the saying goes, first impressions matter and the way one put’s across the product or company goes a long way in forming an opinion in the potential client. A sales introduction letter is also a good way to allow customers to be updated on the new products or services of a company.

The letter must be formal and hence adhere to the necessary guidelines. It must have a courteous tone and should be brief and precise in its subject matter. The content should touch upon the nature of the product that is being advertised and certain details that may be helpful. One must also take into consideration that the errors, be it grammatical or spelling based should be avoided at as it can give a poor impression.


Sample Letter



Michael Manning

Princeton Management Services

1792 Progress Way
Montevideo, MN 56265


Date: 30th April 2010.



Charlie Eagles

Products Manager

Waikiki Products & Services

3320 Ontario Drive
Weiser, ID 83672


Subject:  Introduction of New Products


Dear Mr. Manning,

Waikiki Products & Services is pleased to introduce a new and revolutionary power tool that is most suited to your business environment. Originating from eastern Europe, Waikiki is the sole licensor of the latest OneStop machine that embraces the latest in advanced commercial office technology, PowerMem.

The OneStop machine encompasses a fax, telephone, printer, photocopier and contains stellar memory storage features. It is an ideal tool that is powerful and equipped with state of the art large storage and memory capacity to store all your important information in case you are too busy to attend to the influx of information. The machine has an inverter to power itself during outages and built with a sturdy material which renders it safe from bumps, shocks etc. The maintenance for the machine is carried out my our engineers who are certified by Waikiki and if you purchase the machine now, we are willing to provide a complimentary servicing contract for one year and can be renewed at your discretion.

Attached is a leaflet of the product for your kind perusal. Please feel free to call the undersigned for a free consultation and any queries that you may have.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Charlie Eagles

Products Manager.

Waikiki Products and Services.

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