Sales Inquiry Letter


A sales inquiry letter is written when a person wants to extract some sort of information relating to the sales department. Here in this letter, you need to convince the reader so that you can get the requested information. You must also mention that how this information is going to help both the reader as well as the sender. Since you are requesting for an information, therefore you must be polite enough while asking for the content. In this kind of letter, the information that you ask for can be regarding sales job, sales manager position, sales division and much more.

The most important thing in a sales inquiry letter is that you must have the proper convincing power to be able to extract the information from the reader. Also, it is very important to have good relations with the reader else you may fail to extract the information. Your letter must also show that you are highly interested in it. You can also mention how this particular information can benefit both of you. Below is a sample letter for sales inquiry.


Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of a Sales Inquiry Letter.



3D, Block-56,

Shiv Apartment,

JK Street,


26th April  2016


35D, Bock-A,

MK Technologies, Ltd.


Subject- Sales Inquiry Letter

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing this letter in order to extract some amount of information regarding your sales department. I am very much interested in the sales field and would like to know more about it. I would like to know more about the consignment that your company deals with. I already have an experience in the sales field for 5 years.

Now I would like to start a business of my own, hence I need some amount of help from you. I would like to mention that once my business gets set up, I would like to collaborate with your company. This, in turn, would benefit you as well. I had started my career as a sales manager hence I possess a decent amount of experience and knowledge in this field. I would like to start a business that deals in electronic items including all kinds of gadgets, chips and much more. Since I had done my undergraduate from electronics I also possess some technical knowledge relating to this area. Completing my masters from sales was an added advantage to me. Hence I would like to seek some sort of business help from you that can help me establish my business.

Previously I had also visited one of your retail stores and was very much impressed by the way your company works and the products in which your company deals. The quality of the products was really good. I would like to have more details about this. I request you to kindly send me a brochure of the sales department of your company so that it can be of great help to me.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,


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