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Writing a sales cover letter becomes important when you are in search of a sales job. There are a few basic elements that must be present in a sales cover letter that can increase your chances of being selected. It must be in the form a proper business format that includes a date, letterhead, address, salutation and a close. Here you must put up your experiences and skills that will showcase your talent. Any kind of achievement must also be mentioned so as to impress the recruiter.

Make sure that you clearly mention all your accomplishments that are appropriate for the position you are applying for.  Instead of writing your accomplishments in a paragraph form, it is better to use bullet points. In this way, it will look catchy and the recruiter would be interested in your application. Through your application, it must be clearly seen that how your candidature would be advantageous to the company. The cover letter must be so attractive that the recruiter can visualize how well can you sell yourself.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of a Sales Cover Letter.



3D, Block-56,

Shiv Apartment,

JK Street,


26th April  2016


35D, Bock-A,

MK Technologies, Ltd.


Subject- Sales Cover Letter

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

This is in reference to the vacant post of sales manager in your company. I came across this advertisement in the newspaper a few days back. Hence I am writing this letter to you. Having an experience and a background in sales, I consider myself fit for this position. I have previously worked as a sales manager for a duration of 5 years.

Having a work experience of 5 years would be really advantageous to your company. I am confident that I would be able to come up to your expectations and meet all your company demands. Considering myself as a good candidate for the advertised post, I have attached the resume along with this letter. After completing my graduation, I joined as a marketing manager and have gained sufficient experience in that field. Now I desire to shift to the sales department because slowly I have started to gain interest in it. While working as a marketing manager  I have learnt many skills that will help me in the sales department. My communication skills are really good and I consider it one of the best assets in me.

Being in the sales department it is very necessary that a person possesses good communication skills. I am also a very committed and organized employee. Few of my skills have been mentioned below:

1.) Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

2.) Dedicated and diligent employee.

3.) Time management skills and completing the work before deadlines.

4.) Having the capability to muti-task and also possess computer skills.

I request you to kindly look into my application and let me know at the earliest. The resume has been attached herewith.

Yours Sincerely,



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