Sale Agreement Letter


Sale agreement letter comes under the business letter. This letter is written by the dealer or the supplier to indicate the customer that the order or the purchase has been approved and will be delivered soon to him/her. As it comes under business category letter, it should be written in a formal way.

The letter comprises the details about payment and date of delivery, mode of payment, price quotations, etc. It should also specify the method of delivery. If it is an online payment mention the details required for it, check once or twice before sending the bank details. Assure the customer that the quality of the product would be excellent and assure him/her that the product will be delivered on the date mentioned. The letter should be written in such a way that it is in the interest of both the parties.In the end, say about the offers if any available.

Sample Letter:

The following is an example of Sale Agreement Letter.



The Manager,

Gokul Timber Industry,

Anna Nagar,





The Manager,

Madhu Interior Designs,



Subject: Sale Agreement Letter

Respected Maneesh,

We at this moment accept the order placed before us by you on behalf of your company Madhu Interior Designs on DD/MM/YYYY for the bulk purchase of Quarter round wood piece. We are supposed to provide you 1,00,000 wood pieces in fully ready and covered boxes. We are one of the leading industries in the timber market so there no need to worry about the quality of the product. The qualities of the wood are low maintenance, easy to use, scratch resistant. As already your company employee came and checked the quality of the required wood material I think you do not have any doubt in the quality aspect.

As per our agreement, we should supply the product on or before 5th of this month. The bulk rate for one lakh pieces will be Rs 3,00, 000 and it should be paid through the online transfer of money, and the last date of the transfer is five days from the product delivered. Once the product is delivered, we are not responsible for the damage, but if there is damage on the delivery of the product, we replace it free of cost, so please check the product on delivery so that no one will face a loss in the business. The contract is initially for one year. If you find the above condition satisfactory, sign the agreement in approval. The details of the account for the online transaction are account holder name: K. Srinivas account number: 36952874125, IFSC Code: SBIN0002196, SBI Anna Nagar Branch.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


Gokul Timber Industries.


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