Salary Request letter, Sample & Format

Salary Request letterA Salary Request letter can be written by an employee who wishes to request for his salary or monthly pay under special circumstances. There are occasions where one is tight with the cash flow and may write a salary request letter to the management for a kind consideration of giving an advance on his salary.


Ethelyn F. Hardy

2859 Petunia Way
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

January 16, 2011


Financial Director

Marriott Services Industry

3634 Biddie Lane
Richmond, VA 23222

Dear Sir

RE: Salary Request

I am writing this letter to request for an advance on my salary for the month of January 2011. I understand that the company’s policy with regards to salary payment is to bank the employee’s salary into his bank account on the 30th of the month, but I beg for an exception this month.

My children have started school and I still am short with cash to settle their school needs, after the heavier than usual expenses during Christmas and year end.

I would really appreciate your sympathetic consideration of my request for my salary to be released to me in a couple of days to settle my children’s school tuition and books purchases. Your kind cooperation on my request will ease my financial difficulty at this point in time, and I shall be greatly indebted to you.

I look forward to your favorable response.

Thank you.

Yours truly

Ethelyn F. Hardy


Sales Department

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