Salary Request letter


A Salary Request letter is drafted by an employee who wants to request for his salary under special circumstances. Every individual work to earn money so as to satisfy his and his family’s needs. Generally, the company decides a particular day, i.e., either the start or the end of the month for payment of salary to their employees. It doesn’t usually pay them before that date. However, sometimes, an individual might need money before his payment is due because of many reasons such as payment of children’s fees, medical emergency, etc. That is when he writes a salary request letter to his organization.

A salary request letter is a formal letter and must be written with extreme professionalism. Try to sound genuine in your letter as it might increase chances of your early payment getting approved. Be clear and to the point. Don’t make any grammatical mistakes in the letter.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of a Salary Request Letter.


Ethelyn F. Hardy,
Sales Department
Marriott Services Industry,
3634 Biddie Lane,
Richmond, VA 23222

4 January 2017


Ethan Duke,
Financial Director,
Marriott Services Industry,
3634 Biddie Lane,
Richmond, VA 23222

Dear Sir,

Subject: Salary Request Letter

I am writing this letter to request for an advance pay of my salary for the month of January 2017. I completely understand that the company’s policy with regards to salary payment is to bank the employee’s salary into his bank account on the 30th of the month, but I beg for an exception this month. I have never before asked for early payment, but the situation now is so that I have to.

My children’s school started early this month. Due to all the expenses that happened over Christmas and new year celebrations, I am in short of cash to pay for their school expenses. Also, I have an ailing mother to take care of and the money left will go for her treatment. So, in this hour of need, I request you to consider my situation.

I would really appreciate your kind consideration of my request to release my salary in a couple of days so that I can settle my children’s school tuition & books purchases. Your kind cooperation on my request will help me ease my current financial difficulty, and I shall be greatly indebted to you.

I look forward to a favourable response from your side

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Ethelyn F. Hardy


Sales Department

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