Sad Goodbye Letter To Boyfriend


Sad Goodbye Letter is an emotional letter written to your loved ones or someone who is very close to your heart, in this case, it is written to your boyfriend. It is a very sad moment for every person which anyone does not want to go through. The letter should express your feelings in a subtle way. There is a chance to reunite if your letter is more genuine and heart melting. It all depends on how you write the letter.

There are some situations where a well-written goodbye love letter brought back their boyfriends to their loved ones. When you are writing a goodbye letter to your boyfriend make sure you express your deepest feelings of you towards him in the letter. A goodbye letter can be to your former lover or even to your husband. Love letters where you say goodbye should never be bitter. In the end, mention you will always remember him.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend:



2-e, Southern Street,






1-s, Rammohana Street,

Anna Nagar,


Dear Nikhil,

How are you, my love? Hope you are fine. I am writing this letter to say goodbye to you and your love. I never thought I would be writing this letter to you. The reason for this is the change in your behavior, I just do not know why you are behaving like this lately. I think it is because of your new relation with your friend Neha. Things have changed a lot between us after she entered into your life.

I am not completely blaming you because after she came into your life I felt some insecurity and could not digest that feeling. We used to argue a lot on that issue and I agree that I also overreacted in some of the situations. But you know that you have changed after you met her. You are giving her more priority than me. Most of the girls want their boyfriend’s first priority to be their loved ones. Not only that we used to spend a lot of time in person and on facebook and Whatsapp but now you barely give a reply to my texts or meet me. I cannot bear this lonely feeling. So I am saying a permanent goodbye to you. If you still feel that I am your first priority it is not too late to convince me but you know I am too stubborn to be convinced. I will always remember how you make me laugh. Hope I would have that smile in my life even in your absence.

With Love,



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