Romantic Love Letter


A romantic Love letter is written to your loved ones or someone who is very close to your heart. It is an informal letter, so there is no need to follow a particular pattern while writing the letter. Through this letter you can express your love and how much you value their love. As it is a romantic love letter, the words can arouse your loved one’s feelings. Through this letter, you can make them feel that they are very special to you even though it is just a piece of paper.

The letter comprises of the feelings you have for your loved ones. If want you can mention the funny things happened between you people you can mention them. When your loved one reads this letter, he or she must know how important he or she is to you. You can also express your deepest feelings which you haven’t express to him or her in person. In the end, mention you are missing him or her very badly if they are away from you.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Romantic Love Letter.



2-d, Adithya Hill Paradise,

Jubilee Hills,





1-e, Nagarjuna Residency,



Dear Muskan,

How are you, my love? I think you know how much our relationship means to me. I think of you every time. I adore your cute smile and gentle eyes. I miss the warmth of your body when you hold me tight; I miss the smell of your cologne, what not I miss, my love.  I love the tingles you create when you touch me. I love to be with you every time but what can I do now I am in another city doing this tedious job. Even though I am physically away from you, you are always present in my thoughts.

I am writing this letter to express how much love I have and how much I love your attitude as I am away from you. I admire your character a lot. Being with you I learned many good things. The pure heart you have makes you even more beautiful. The way you treat elder and old people is simply another level of kindness. I am very lucky to have you in my life; I am always grateful to God for bringing you into my life. No matter what I will not lose you. I hope you would have the same feelings towards me. When will you come to my place? Come as soon as possible. I will make an excellent date to remember for a lifetime when you visit my place. Missing you a lot, love you. Thousand kisses and hugs from me. Take care, my love.

With Love,



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