Romantic Letter

Romantic Letter


A Romantic letter is usually written by those who are courting one another. The relationship is still new and the couple may be still discovering each other. A romantic letter will do wonders to sway one party to the other when the right persuasive words are written or spoken. It is always exciting and thrilling to read a romantic letter. This letter can depict the good times and the bad. To add up all the ups and downs to truly confess your love for your significant other is the soul purpose of this letter. It will make a truly lovely gesture to your partner.

Writing and receiving love letters are both exciting tasks, so it should be done so in a joyous manner. Be honest and heartfelt when you write the letter. Let your partner feel the love through the words as it creates the emotions of the relationship.  Don’t be afraid to open up your heart and splurge your feelings. Some may not be able to express face to face so this letter is the key to communicating your heart to your loved one. Complement your partner and make sure he or she feels loved.


Sample Letter:


Brian Smith

396 St Jean Baptiste StClova, QC G0X 3M0

Clova, QC G0X 3M0


March 2, 2010



Carrie Schneider

105 St Marys RdWinnipeg, MB R3C 0C4

Winnipeg, MB R3C 0C4


My Dear Carrie,

Though I have only known you for three months, I have to say this are the best three months of my life. Where have you been all this while? I am so glad I bumped into you that very evening when we first met. It was so romantic. It was like a movie scene where we both did not see where we were going and boom! I call it ‘fate.’

I am so glad fate brought us together. Your blue eyes just captivated me when I gazed into them for the first time, still trying to keep upright after our bump in! They were the most crystal clear blue eyes I have ever seen, or maybe I have never been so close with anyone before.

I feel so excited with you around and wish you are always with me. My heart beats so loud when I am with you. Do you hear it? At times I think you do and I feel embarrassed; that is why I did keep talking so that you won’t be hearing my heart thumping so loud.

If you feel the same way for me as I do to you, please reply my letter with a blue heart on the envelope. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


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