Romantic Letter Writing


Romantic Letters are written to express love and affection, be it to your crush, boyfriend or girlfriend or even your spouse. These kinds of letters are a real expression of one’s feelings for the other and is a standard method of expressing love. A Romantic letter is written to a boyfriend or girlfriend to convey to him or her what he/she means to him/her. The letter should be informal and expressive in tone.

Romantic messages often play a critical role in building and maintaining the love and romance in your relationship. Everyone loves to read a letter from the person they love, especially one that tells them how much they mean to them. Romantic letters need a special spark in them to ignite the romantic feelings of the other person. Refer the sample letter below if you need help in writing a romantic letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Romantic Letter.


Allen Smith,

XVI, Love Dale,

High Garden

8th November 2013


Clara Gordon

XV, South Park,

Middle Hill

Dear Clara,

Even though we are miles apart on this occasion of our Anniversary, it feels for me as though you are beside me. I feel you in every breath I take. You fill my soul with roses and all beautiful things! I wonder how miserable my life would have been if I haven’t met you. I’m not trying to sound poetic; words can’t explain how much you mean to me.

When we first met at the conference, we were on two different poles on our views about life. But as we got closer, everything changed. We slowly became one, and all our aspirations became one. The problems that arose afterward actually strengthened our relationship. We didn’t give in to the difficult circumstances. We fought; fought hard and it was our love the gave us that strength. I believe that even the heavens hill be envious seeing our love for each other. Let our love shine brightly like a flame forever.

There is no greater honor an achievement in my life than being your boyfriend, and I am so proud it. I hope that nothing bad will come our way that would separate us. I promise to be by the side on all the storms life brings. I wish you a jubilant anniversary!

You are always my princess, and I will always be your prince. Let’s have a ‘happily ever after’ in our story!

With Love,

Allen Smith


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