Romantic Letter To Wife


A Romantic Letter is written to the love of your life. The recipient of the letter can be girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. As it is a romantic letter some words may arouse the feelings of the writer. You can also express the feelings you haven’t expressed directly to your loved ones in the relationship. This letter can make your loved ones feel that they are very special to you.

Romantic letter sometimes helps in bringing the loved ones together. It helps in rekindle the relationship. Romantic letter to wife can work as a great surprise to her who is very special to your heart. Its very important in a relationship to make your partner feel special and writing a letter with your hand is the best thing any husband can do for the one who truly deserves his love. Here , is the sample of romantic letter to wife which will help you in writing the letter.

Sample Romantic Letter to Wife:



Southern Colony,



Date: 5/8/2017



8-f, Ram Nagar,


Dear Harika,

How are you, my dear lovely darling. I know it has been 15 days since we met, and this is the first time we are apart from each other for so long. I am still stuck with work here and looks like it will take one more week to bring it to the final stage. No matter how far we are I feel you around me each and every moment.

I miss cuddling you and kissing you, I miss the warmth of your body when you hug me real tight. I miss seeing your beautiful face daily. I miss the romantic chat we have before we go to bed. I don’t feel like driving alone, your presence is what makes the drive beautiful on the bike. I know you too miss me so much. I can feel the low in your voice when you talk to me on the phone. I am trying to finish the task as soon as possible so that we can meet soon.  Love you Harika, love you so much.

With Love,


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