Romantic Letter To Girlfriend


Romantic letter to a girlfriend is written by her boyfriend to make her feel special. One does not need a reason or occasion to write a letter to the girlfriend. When you love someone, every day is special. In this letter, you can express your feelings and let her know how much you love her. You can discuss your life together and plans. If you have been away from her, you can enquire about her happenings and her health.

As it is a personal letter, keep the tone of the letter warm and friendly. Make sure the letter is not too long and also that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the letter.  Through the letter let your girlfriend know how much her presence in your life means to you and that you will make sure that each moment together will be special and full of happiness always.



Anmol bedi




Priti birgi

13- Skyline Apartments,

Cama Chowk,

Andheri West,


My Dear Priti

Hope you are in pink of your health. How are you doing? You must have settled well in your new environment. I have also started with my monotonous routine now. It’s difficult to accept that we are far from each other.  But your career is significant. I hope America is treating you good.

I keep visiting your family too. They are also fine. You please take care of yourself.

I am so eagerly waiting for you winter break that I have started preparing and planning your holiday. And yes there is a special surprise for you which I will not disclose here. I want to see your reaction when you will get the surprise. We will go on a trip and yes I will make you shop everything you want.

You study well and come back soon I miss you so badly. We are sacrificing everything for your career don’t forget this and work hard. I don’t mind what people think and say because  I have faith in you and our relationship. I know you will complete your studies and come back to me. But now I can’t wait anymore. I am super excited about the winter break when you will come here, and I will make sure this will be the best time of our life.

I got to know you have started taking your extra hobby classes which you always wanted to learn; I am so happy for you baby. I am wondering how you are surviving without telling me stories of your entire day and your tantrums. I honestly tell you I use to hate your tantrums and drama, but now I miss everything! You are in a new country and busy, but everything here reminds me of you. I don’t feel like going anywhere where ever I go I see you. I start reminiscing how we used to sit by the lake for hours and keep talking and eating; I miss everything baby.

P.s. Please take care of yourself. Enjoy your new life and good luck for your studies. Do let me  know if you need anything else. Along with this letter I am sending you your favourite sweets that I have made especially for you.

With lots of love and hugs

yours Anmol

Love you




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