Romantic Goodbye Letter


There is nothing that leaves a scar in human heart like goodbyes. We all have faced it. It’s something that has to be met at some point in life and is usually inevitable. We all have bid goodbyes to our friends, family members or co-workers. But if the goodbye is between a romantic couple, it’s going to hurt even more. It would be during this final hour of togetherness that many will realize how much they loved each other. The farewell may be due to circumstances, change of residence or moving away to a workplace or it could even be a breakup. There is no other way in expressing your love and bid goodbye than writing a farewell letter to the person you love.

A romantic farewell letter is an informal letter written in a very significant manner. The depth of your love and how much you will miss the other person should be the primary focus in this letter. Also, clarify the reason why you have to bid goodbye. Express how much the other person means to you and tell them you will miss them deeply. If you are at that stage of life where you have to bid goodbye to someone you love, then you can refer the following sample letter to get an overview of writing a romantic farewell letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Romantic Goodbye Letter.


David Felix,

XIV, Love Dale,

New Street, High Garden.



Nakshatra Mathew,

XVV, Fullmoon Villa,

Old Street, High Garden

Dearest Nakshatra,

I often feel that life is so cruel! If it wasn’t so then why would life bring a circumstance where┬áI have to leave you and move to another city. We met, and we became so close to each other and before we know it the hour has come for us to bid goodbyes. I knew I was only going to be in this city for a few months but fate made us meet in the last week that I’m here in this town. Wonderfully, we became so close within the span of a week. And now I don’t know how to bid goodbye to you. I cannot handle the despair of missing you.

Even though our relationship is only a week old, the love we shared was of great depths. I know it’s hard for you too at this hour of separation. I pray that I would be able to meet you soon and life will somehow bring us back together. I have to bid goodbye to you. I will miss you. Please keep in touch through letters.

Good Bye.

With Love,

David Felix

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