Romantic Birthday Letter


A romantic letter for birthday is written by a husband or boyfriend to his wife or girlfriend or the other way round. This letter is written on the special occasion of a birthday because it is an unusual day in a person’s life. You should write a romantic letter to your better half on this day as you are thankful to God for sending them on the earth on this day. There can be various occasions to write a romantic letter to your loved ones, but sometimes you do not even need an occasion to make the other one feel special. You should not refrain to show your love for them and make full use of any chance you get to make them feel special. You should be honest with your feelings when you write this letter, and should show all your love and concern through this letter.

This is not an official letter, and so there is no strict format to abide by. You can write this letter in whatever way you want, but you should remember to make it error-free. Also, only mention positive and happy things in the letter as you would not like to spoil someone’s mood on their birthday. Make them feel special and good.

Sample Letter:


Miles Low Jones

35 Lakeview Way Road



Shaila Stuart Mathew

41 Adamsville Mall Road
Laredo, TX 78040

Dear Shaila,

Re: Romantic Birthday Letter

A very happy birthday to you, Shaila. I think I am happier than you are about your birthday. This day means more to me than it means to you because this was the day God gave to the world this beautiful woman, who I proudly call my wife. You have always been there for me, and no words can ever express my feelings for you. Every morning I wake up to your beautiful face, and I pray to never lose you ever. Every day I thank God for having you in my life, and I promise to always stand by the vows we took while getting married and the promises we made. I can never do anything to repay the things you have done for me.

I hope you appreciate this small gesture of my undying love for you. You are always going to be the love of my life. A very happy birthday one again, Love.

Thanking You,


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