Romantic Apology Letter


A romantic apology letter apologize when a person has to ask for forgiveness from his or her significant other. Thus apology letter should be extremely polite as well as with the use of sugary and appealing words combined with cute phrases not only for the sake of convincing your other half but also to express your guilt and regret the crime or mistake you have done.

The apology must be and also seem to be genuine and for that you not only have to make your loved one aware that you have realised your mistake but also reassure them that you will try your best to never repeat the same again. You can state a reason for your actions as an explanation but whether it justifies or not, that decision is taken by your other half and thus while stating the cause you have to ask whether it is a valid explanation or not.

After everything is said and done in the final paragraph you should express your love and their importance in your life and thus conclude the letter.


Rahul Kapoor,
2-Tulip Bungalows,
Rockslide Street,

Date : DD/MM/YYYY.

Jiya Malhotra,
4-Ganga Apartments,
Rockslide Street,

Dear Jiya,

I’m writing this letter to apologise for what happened day before yesterday between us. We went for dinner with all our mutual friends hoping it would be a great experience but I did not know it would turn out to be so miserable for you and me of course.

That is not how Rajeev and Shreya should have behaved. It is always planned that we won’t call Sneha and Daniel since they always end up fighting and spoiling everyone’s mood. But in the end, Rajeev created the entire blunder and called them too. Well, even if she was angry you were just trying to solve the matter. She shouldn’t have insulted you that way. I am very sore as your entire day was spoilt. If only I had not gone to the get the drinks then, I wouldn’t have¬†waited a minute after that scene took place. I am sorry for that. I promise that we never go out with these people. You choose who you wanna go with or else only we’ll go together.

Also, the dress I bought for you doesn’t seem to fit you well. So we’ll go and exchange that tomorrow and we’ll go out for lunch. Once again I apologize for all that happened the other day. Please forgive me and take tomorrow’s outing as a chance for me to make up for that day. I love you.

Yours lovingly,

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