Retirement Wishes Letter


A wish letter is written to convey your wishes to the recipient. The recipient of the letter can be your friend or your colleague or someone who is close to you. There are many reasons to write this kind of letter. For Example, When your colleague gets a promotion you can write this letter to wish him for his or her success and can wish them luck for their better future.

Retirement Wishes Letter is written to someone who is going to retire from their services. The recipient of the letter can be your colleague or your relative or even your father when you are staying away from him. If the recipient is a colleague to you, you can mention his or her achievements, or his or her great work for the company or industry or office. If the recipient is your friend, you can wish on his or her retirement and can ask for a party.

Sample Retirement Wishes Letter:



2-e, Sri Sai Apartments,

Raja Rammohana Street,



Date: 6/9/2017



22b, Southern Street,

Near Post Office,


Dear Kashyap,

How are you? I am good and I know you from now onwards you will have a stressless life. I am writing this letter to wish you for your retirement from your post last week, sorry for not attending your retirement function as I was out of town. Let me first wish you a very happy retirement life. From now onwards, it will be fun filled days with family, and I expect a lot of social gatherings. As office life was very hectic now, you can enjoy the relaxed time with family.

You are a great mentor and inspiration to all of us. Your work execution is highly commendable. As you know, I am also getting retired next year we could spend more time with friends in future. I hope you would be happy for your lifetime and will have the things you need. Do not forget to reply this letter and also give me a party as I missed the old one.

With Love,


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