Retirement Resignation letter

Retirement Resignation letter


Every organization has a set age limit after which employees retires from their job, handing over their responsibilities to someone else and take their leave to enjoy a peaceful retired life. It is the responsibility of the retiring employee to intimate the management about their upcoming retirement date and to recommend an existing employee of the organization to be considered by the organization for taking up their responsibilities.

A Retirement Resignation letter is submitted by the employee who is due for retirement. He writes it to inform the management of his resignation based on retirement. This is a courteous move by the employee to give notice to the management of his impending retirement. This gives the management a formal notice about the employee taking their leave and succession can be put into place for the retiring employee. The letter must be kept brief and formal and provide any contact details of the retiring employee in case they need to be contacted.


Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Retirement Resignation letter


Edward A. Valdez

4491 New York Avenue
Irving, TX 75063

26 January 2016


Human Resource Department

GEMS Electronics Industry

8891 Bradford Lane

Irving, TX 38781

Dear Sir,

Subject: Retirement Resignation

This letter serves as a notice to the management of GEMS Electronic Industry that I am resigning due to retirement on DD/MM/YYYY.

According to the state labor law, an employee has the right to resign from his current employment upon reaching the age of 60. Hence, I would like to exercise my privilege in this regulation. I have worked with GEMS for over 25 years and I feel it is time to bid farewell to all at GEMS. It saddens me to think that I would no longer be working with your esteemed organization, but I have served my time well and it is time someone else take over my responsibilities so that I can enjoy a peaceful retired life.

I shall retreat from the active workforce after DD/MM/YYYY, to enjoy my retirement phase of life. I hope you will process any dues on my behalf before my exit from this esteemed organization. It was a pleasure working with everyone at GEMS and I would always cherish all the memories.

In light of me leaving the task force, I would like to recommend Mr. Brandon Lee from Division A to be considered as my successor. In case you ever need to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me on 555-7574

Thank you for your kind support all these years.

Yours truly

Edward A. Valdez


Division A

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