Retirement Notification Letter


A retirement notification letter is sent to the supervisor or head of a company. The person who wishes to retire has to send this letter to his boss to inform him that he now wants to retire and so he would have to leave his position at the company or office. The letter is written to explain the need for retirement, and this is also supposed to be a little emotional letter as it should mention the work the sender has done at the office and how much he learnt from it. It is important that the letter is sent a few months in advance so that the supervisor can look for a suitable candidate to fill the position of the sender since it might not be an easy task to fill that position.

This is an official letter so you must mention the date you want to leave the office from and also write this letter in the correct format. It should be written in a polite manner and remember to thank the supervisor for his help and guidance ever the years.

Sample Letter:

The sample Retirement Notification Letter is as follows:


Patrick J. Davidson

292 McVaney Road
Asheville, NC 28801



Mandy Mulligan

Hudson Pharmaceuticals

1086 Hedge Street
Millington, NJ 07946

Dear Sir,

Sub: Retirement letter.

I am writing this letter to let you know that next month I will attain the age of 65. In our country, it is the age for retirement and therefore I want to let you know that I too have been planning on retirement from last few months now. I will leave office on the 30th of October 2017. I have had a great time working in your office and I have learnt a lot from you and my colleagues. I am writing this letter a month in advance so that you can start arranging for a person to replace me. I suggest I should take interviews for who would be suitable for taking my position. I do not know what I would do at home for the rest of the few years that are left of my life. I will surely come and visit the office time to time to see you all who have now become my friends and family.

I hope you will arrange for my retirement papers as soon as possible. Thank you for all the support and guidance.

Thanking You

Patrick James Davidson.

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