Retirement Letter

Retirement Letter


A Retirement letter can be written by an employee who is close to his retirement age in a company or it can be written by the company to inform the employee of his pending retirement from the company. The latter is usually by the rules and regulations of the company or labor law of the country. An employee should mention the reason for retirement if they wish to retire before the actual retirement age. The letter should have a positive and satisfactory tone.

While writing a retirement letter make use of a light language writing the letter formally and keeping it professional. They should thank the other for their contribution and services and wish them all the luck in the future. The company might arrange a farewell party for the employee. The letter should be brief, formal and written in a professional manner.
The letter should include your joining date and the date which will officially be the last day of your tenure.


Sample Letter:


Caryn Porter

Personnel Manager

Pullman Motor Industry





Wayne Montgomery

Senior Manager

Spare Parts Section


Dear Wayne,

RE: Upcoming Retirement

From our company Human Resource records, it is found that you will be turning 60 this November. By the company and nation’s labor laws, I am writing to inform you that you are eligible for retirement on November 20, 2010.

The management wants to acknowledge your fine contribution to this company for 25 years. Your performance has been unblemished, and you have been an exemplary employee. We are indeed grateful for your dedication throughout. It will be hard to find your replacement. But at the same time, the younger employees you’ve trained have been doing their best, all thanks to you. I’m sure they will follow your footsteps to reach success gradually.

The company has decided to throw a farewell on your retirement day so everyone can say their goodbyes to you and vice versa. Please feel free to come into my office for a discussion of the dues that come with your retirement as the company does offer a retirement package for its well deserving employees. There are a couple of retirement options which may interest you.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Caryn Porter

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