Retirement Letter To Teacher


Are you ready to let your employee know that you’re retiring? It’s a good idea to formalize your letter and send it to the employee who has contributed so many years of his or her life to the organization or company. The letter has been written by the employer to the employee to notify them of their retirement. The retirement is due to the completion of the particular age, which has been decided by the company. The company writes this letter for their information and gives warm thanks for their services and efforts in the success of the company.

Some teachers are not just people who educate us they become friends and mentors over the years they have taught us and hold a special place in our hearts. But like in every profession there is a particular tenure which a person can work. Teachers have a specific tenure too and the principal has to send the retirement notice letter to a teacher notifying him/her about their retirement. This letter informs the teacher of his/her retirement and also gives best wishes for his/her retirement life.

Sample letter:


Brian D’costa,


Oasis High School,






Jennifer Alphanso,

HOD English,

Oasis High School,



Subject: Retirement letter


Respected Mrs. Alphanso,

I am writing this letter to inform you about your retirement from the HOD of English department in our school on DD/MM/YYYY. You have shared your valuable knowledge to our students over the years and we have been grateful to you for grooming the students and motivating them for what they are today. It’s hard to accept the fact that you are retiring as you are one of the most favorite teacher of our students and the staff too.

I once again thank you for making this school a success in the educational field, you are one of the pioneers in this field of education and will miss the mentor like you. Your association with this school is from the day it opened up  and we all will miss this association a lot.  I have ordered school office to process your papers so that you may get all the due salary and provident fund on time.

With warm regards and best wishes for future.

Yours Truly,

Brian D’costa

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