Retirement Letter To Friend


A retirement letter to a friend is written on the occasion of his or her retirement. It can be written to friends who work with you or to your other friends also. In the letter, you congratulate them for their long and successful tenure.  If you both work at the same place, you can let them know that you are going to miss them and also how much you appreciate all their hard work and dedication. You can mention some special incidents or memories you had with them which you will not be able to forget.

As it is a personal letter, keep the tone of the letter warm. Make sure that the letter is not too long or emotional. Also, ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in the letter.  Do write in the letter that you want to keep in touch and that you wish your friend the best for their future.


Sample Letter for Retirement of Your Friend is given below for your reference:


Priti Birgi



Deepal Singhal

Celly Enterprises


21st December, 2017

Dearest Deepak

First of all accept my heartiest congratulations on completing 25 wonderful years in the office. It is such a huge milestone, and I am so very proud of you.  You have always been a very dedicated employee of your company and as a team member, I feel lucky to have you by my side all these years. I still remember the first time I came to office, I was so nervous and you explained everything to me and made me feel oh so comfortable.  From that day to this, I have only the fondest memories of us together in this office.

You definitely were an asset to this company and all those records that you made in your career are a source of immense pride. You were also a great team leader as you made sure that everyone works together in the team. You won over people easily and made sure there were no arguments amongst your team members.  Your habit of staying up to date in all the latest happenings was truly an inspiring trait.  The way you presented your presentations was so much fun to watch. We all have a lot to learn from you, and I can go about it.

The very thought that you won’t be coming to office from tomorrow is hard to believe.  It will take time for all of us to adjust and work without you. Hope you liked the party we organized for you and the presents.

Please do keep in touch.

Best Wishes

Priti Birgi

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