Retirement Letter To Colleague


A Letter to a colleague is written by a person who is working along with him or her in the same office or same company. The reason to write this letter can be an invitation to the recipient or ask the recipient for some help or even requesting the recipient to deliver news to the boss on the writers’ behalf. As the letter is written to known person, it can be an informal one.

Retirement Letter To Colleague is written by the writer to mention the recipient that he or she is going to retire from the services. Through this letter, the writer can mention how kind and helpful the recipient was throughout the career. The writer can thank the recipient for his co-operation in the company or office. In the end, invite the recipient for the retirement function if you are having one.

Sample Retirement Letter To Colleague:



2-m, Mahitha Residency,






31f, Ambedkar Street,

Bal Nagar,


Dear Mahesh,

How are you, my friend? How was your holiday trip? Without you, I felt very bored in the office for the past two weeks. Anyways I am writing this letter to inform you that I am going to retire from the services on  DD/MM/YYYY. I know that you already know this matter and I just wanted to remind you.

You are the first friend I have made in the office. From then onwards you helped me in many ways. You were there for me always in the office. You are my support system in the professional and personal life. It is with your help that I have reached heights in my career.

I always wonder how you manage to have the beautiful nature. You treat all the colleagues in the office in the same way. If anyone is in need of help, you will be the first person to help. We used to have a lot of fun in our leisure hours. As I am going to retire, I will miss all the fun. Even after my retirement, I am sure our friendship will remain like this. And one request, be as you are always!

With Love,



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