Retirement Letter From Employer

Introduction :

Everyone wants to rest after working for years in their life. That is why retirement plans and benefits are included in an employment contract. It is done to make sure that the individual enjoys a good life even after he has stopped working. However, to let go of an employee who has dedicated his/her life to the company is also a difficult thing to do. It is like letting go of a family member who has been there for a long time.

A retirement letter from the employer is a formal letter issued by the employer to his/her employee whose retirement date is due. This letter showcases the emotions that the employer feels on letting go of the employee and also regarding other important aspects of the retirement plans. Through this, the company wishes his/her employee a happy and peaceful life ahead without much work pressure to take care of.


Sample :

The following is the sample of retirement letter from employer.



Joby John,

HR Executive,

Singhania Corporation Pvt. Ltd.



Sushant Kashyap,

Senior Manager,

Singhania Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Retirement Letter.

Dear Mr. Kashyap,

It is with deep regret that I am writing this letter to you. As per the retirement policy of our company, yours is due sometime next week.

You have been an integral part of our organization and have given 20 years of your life here, so to see you go is like losing an important family member of Singhania corporation. You started here as a fresher with not much experience but only a thirst to learn and achieve the best and now you are leaving as one of the most loved senior employees of the organization.

Thank you for always giving us the best and also for guiding the new talent in the industry. You shall be missed immensely. Your innovative ideas has always been a guiding light for many new comers. Your enthusiasm has always lifted up the atmosphere in the organization. However, I know that after working hard for so many years you now wish to spend rest of your life in peace with your family.

All your paperwork has been done. You shall get your retirement benefits as stated in the employment contract. We are organizing a farewell party too for you, do grace us with your presence.


Joby John,

HR Executive,

Singhania Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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