Retirement Letter from employer to employee, Sample & Format

Retirement Letter from employer to employeeA Retirement letter from employer to an employee is written by the management to inform its employee that the latter is due for retirement. Details can be stated in the letter such as exact date of retirement and the related retirement benefits, or this letter can contain other options after the retirement such as an extension of employment with a yearly contract.


Ella T. Shaw

Human Resource Manager

Grandeur Holdings Corporation

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

January 10, 2011


Carl A. Steffens

Accounts Supervisor

Grandeur Holdings Corporation

Dear Mr. Steffens

RE: Retirement

On behalf of Grandeur Holdings Corporation, I would like to inform you that you are due for your retirement from March 1, 2011.

On that day, you will be turning 58, and it is the state employment law that one can retire from employment at this golden age. The company is also supportive of the employment law and hence, writes to inform you of your upcoming retirement.

We are proud to have you as our employee for 27 years. Please commence the handing over of your duties to your successor, Mr. Dan Forbes, as soon as you can. We shall compute your dues accordingly. We wish you a happy retirement.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Ella T. Shaw

Human Resource Manager

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