Retirement Letter For Teachers


A teacher or professor retirement letter is written to the principal or a dean by the respective lecturers in a particular college or school. The tone of the letter is supposed to be in a formal format, and at the same time, it should be an entirely professional letter.

The letter should contain the memories that the professor has had teaching in the school and spend time will all the children as well a the faculty members. The letter can also include any funny or terrifying memory inside that would put a smile on the principal’s or Dean’s face when they would read this letter. You can explain your entire journey in the school or college. If you wish to do something before you leave the institution to make it a memorable event for you and the whole system at large then you can do so by talking to the principal or dean and also making the necessary arrangements for the same.

Lastly, in the letter, you can thank all the people from the institution and how you have enjoyed your time in that place with all. Given below is a sample letter of a Teacher Retirement Letter that will come in handy when you write your letter.




Samantha Foley,

22- Harold Apartments,

Baker Street,





Mr. Carl Morris,

The Principal,

Rising High,



Respected Sir,

I, Samantha Foley, am writing this letter to you to tell you that I am retiring from my post as an English professor at Rising High. I have been working in this educational institution for the past fifteen years and have made, any memorable moments and have an amazing experience altogether. From preparing for the admissions to welcoming the students and training them for all our fantastic events and other educational trips. The trips were fun and the same time very hectic as handling 100 students and taking care of them was a daunting task. Though it was simplified as we had each other’s company and support.

Also, electing and voting for students to be in the student council was a tedious task as all the students are always a gem in their ways and talents. Each part of this school is cherished and is going to be missed thoroughly. The bonds I made with each one is like a flower in my garden. In memory of my last day here, I would like to have a get together with my colleagues in the canteen and will distribute chocolates to the whole school.

I’m going to miss this institution as it has given me the best fifteen years of my life.

Thanking you,

Yours affectionately,

Samantha Foley.

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