Retirement Farewell Letter, Sample & Format

Retirement Farewell LetterA Retirement farewell letter is written by an employee who is retiring from the company and writes to bid farewell to his colleagues. The letter may contain happy and sad emotions as the retiree pens his words of thanks to his colleagues and management, as well as expressing his sadness in leaving the company.


Henry Gillespie

Sales Coordinator

Auto Motor Industry

February 10, 2011


All Sales Colleagues

Auto Motor Industry

Dear Friends and Colleagues

RE: Farewell

It is time to bid farewell to you all. After 35 years of work, the time has come for me to take life easy after tomorrow while all of you slog away.

I just want to express my thanks to each of you who have been such a great support to me during my work tenure at Auto Motor. I shall remember all of you well and the good times we shared; of course, the bad times must be forgotten and let bygones be bygones.

Do find time to have a drink with me whenever you are free. I shall miss you all as friends, but I do look forward to my retirement as I have plans. Do visit me for a chat when you can. I wish you well and all the best in your future undertakings.

Your good friend and colleague,

Henry Gillespie

Sales Coordinator

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